#WCW: Mindy Kaling

At Mediumish, I’m dubbing  #WCW as Wardrobe Crush Wednesday. I am looking forward to spotlighting some of my biggest style inspirations. The inaugural recipient of this title receives multiple accolades. She is my writer crush, wardrobe crush, and all around woman crush: Mindy Kaling!

Whether you’re a fan of The Office, The Mindy Project, or she’s just been catching your eye on the red carpet this season, Mindy is most likely a face you know. Her personal style is always on point and fun, and she definitely boasts an enviable and attainable wardrobe. Her taste is colorful, feminine and doesn’t take itself too seriously…much like her personality (I would assume). If you follow her on instagram (@mindykaling), you’ll see her in all types of looks ranging from her lounging in Wildfox sweats to perfecting her pose in gorgeous custom gowns.

Many of her looks are custom made for her by The Mindy Project‘s talented costume designer Sal Perez. Basically she has her own designer that knows her personality and makes one of a kind gowns for her special occasions, I mean…that’s the dream, isn’t it?

I think what we can learn from Mindy’s style is don’t be afraid of color and always stay true to yourself. Mindy, if you see this, let’s go get McDonald’s sometime….I feel like we’re meant to be french fry friends.

What do you love about Mindy? Here are some of my favorite Mindy looks:

Embed from Getty Images
One of the best 2016 Oscar dresses, IMHO.

Embed from Getty Images
Bright monochrome…I mean. Also, if you haven’t watched her SXSW talk, do it.

Embed from Getty Images
So on trend, yet so unique. How?

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images
I imagine she attended some kind of industry brunch in this, yes?

Embed from Getty Images
Bare. That. Midriff.

Embed from Getty Images
She looks like sexy secretary Barbie…and I love it.


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