Monday Marquee: Patternator

Here at Mediumish, I’ve come up with Monday Marquee. On Mondays I’m going to highlight something that I think is cool. It probably going to be something that I found on the internet, and it’s probably going to be the one and only highlight of your Monday. There…I said it.

Today I’m talking about an app I just found that you should probably download. Patternator allows you to create wallpapers for your phone that are FIRE. Using a combination of stickers, background colors, and an array of patterns and options, you can create something that is guaranteed to make you smile/lol every time you look at your phone (so approximately 10 billion times a day). Here are a few that I’ve created.

Drake is my favorite emoji. 
I love it when Leo calls me “old sport”.
Currently living on my lock screen. 
I’ve never seen a more Monday background in my life! 
There’s also an option to print an iPhone case for $29.99

Is it just me or are these the best things ever? Am I just a 15 year old stuck in a 25 year old body? Yes, probably.

Patternator is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 9.2 or later. Sorry Android nerds!

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