Pay day got me like

You know when the 15th of the month rolls around and you’re all like…


That’s me today. Actually, times this gif by 100 and that’s me because I just got a BALLIN tax return! Hope you did too! Anyways, I love online shopping so I wanted to compile a few things that I am digging right now. And I’m a cheap-o so you know I found you guys the best dealz.

Old Navy Poncho – 
I just ordered this the other day with some Super Cash I had earned from Old N. Guys, recently I have been pleasantly surprised with the items coming out of the Old Navy design department. They consistently have pieces that are on trend, unique, and affordable. I also love online shopping at Old Navy because the community is so good about reviewing items. Reviews are the number one factor that help me decide if I want to order something, and also what size to order. This poncho is so on point for spring/summer. They have styled it with a t-shirt and shorts, which I love. I am also excited to try it over a tight, basic colored dress. You can easily take a dress from night at the bar to brunch the next morning with a piece like this.

Old Navy Flares – 
I have been clinging to my skinny jeans with a death grip since around 2009. So when this 70s silhouette came back this season, I was hesitant to try it out. I will admit – I thought that if you were above a size 4 and had a butt, you could not pull this look off. BOY WAS I WRONG. Let me tell you, I am wearing these jeans today and I look amazing. I am rocking them. God, how annoying am I? No, but really, I love these jeans. They are a true high waist, and fit like a dream. They are stretchy enough so they are comfortable, but sturdy enough so that they look structured. Be forewarned, these jeans run super long. Like, unless you’re 6ft tall, these will be too long on you. I got these on sale for $20, went and got them hemmed for $12, and I have a perfect pair of jeans for $32! Pair these with a crop top or off the shoulder top and chunky heeled sandals. Do not pair these with flat shoes ever, please.

Top Shop Slip Dress – 
I ordered this dress after reading this article from The Man Repeller. I love how they style pieces in unexpected ways. I haven’t worn this dress yet, but I can easily see myself dressing it up for a nice dinner or dressing it down for a day of strolling around the city. The ring back detail on this dress really makes it look expensive. You might be seeing an outfit post with this dress soon. I’d pair it with strapped heels for evening and cute sneakers for the day.

Iridescent Glasses Case –
I just think this is so cute and I always scratch my sunglasses…so why not? Plus it’s only $6. No brainer.

Blush Bucket Bag – 
I will be the first to admit that I am not a purse girl. I know that might sound like a sin to some of you, but I am perfectly fine using the same bag for months at a time. That is why I usually look for neutral bags that will go with everything. I feel like this blush is a perfect neutral for spring, I can’t really think of anything that this wouldn’t go with. The braid detail gives it that 70s vibe as well. The price is right too, these designer brand bucket bags are going for hundreds this season.

Suede Mule Sandals –
The other day, I became obsessed with these mules that my best friend posted on her blog. I am going to get some like that too, but it is hard for me to convince myself to wear heels on the reg. These sandals are the perfect solution for everyday mule wearing purposes.

Mirrored Lucite Sunglasses – 
I love these glasses, I don’t know what else to say about them. They are fun, they are unique, they are colorful. I can see myself in these by the pool KILLING IT this summer. They’re under $20, so I think I’ll order them now. That is all.

There you go! I hope these picks inspire you on a Friday afternoon. What are you looking forward to wearing this season? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Pay day got me like

  1. Totes agree that Old Navy is stepping up their game! I was in there the other day and was pleasantly surprised that I found several things to try on! I used to find that everything there (especially dresses) was too long on me, but not this time! 👏🏼

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  2. Thanks for the shout out, boo! Now I am obsessed with these mules you found and really want to try these magical flares.. I’ve been doubting my ability to rock flares as I am not a size four and not 6 feet tall like you said, but alas, I will have to give these a try! ❤

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