Shopping Soup for the Soul

Remember when your mom used to read you stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul? No? Was that just me? Oh. Well I always remember feeling so relaxed and happy when she was reading to me. I want you to be relaxed and happy on this Friday, so I’ve compiled some more shopping finds!

Soup melt
me AF

I know, I know. Reading my blog IS akin to having your mother read you a bedtime story.

So without further ado…get your credit cards out.

ASOS White Embroidered Jeans –
For some reason I’m kind of over jeans right now? I don’t know if that makes sense or if you can even be over jeans…but most of them have been very uninspiring to me lately. These are a breath of fresh air. They actually remind me of some appliqué jeans that my dad bought for me in the 5th grade. Those were my favorite jeans for about 3 years until they ripped *tears*. I might just have to get these to replace them. Since these feel very bOheMian~ I’d pair them with something structured and neutral.

F21 Kimono – 
Is embroidered a thing right now? I’m into it. I love this kimono and I couldn’t choose between the rust color or the white color – I love both. I can picture this over a romper with some flatforms for summer.

Adia Kibur Tassel Earrings –
I’m allllll about them tassels. The leather material and turquoise stones make these feel high-end. Pair with high pony tail or my signature baby giraffe hair [post to come].

Mark Gym Shoes – 
Shhhhhhh…just don’t tell Kanye 😉

Tevas Flatforms – 
Guys…it’s time for me to repent. I was such a hater. For YEARS I taunted people who wore these shoes. But now the scales have fallen from my eyes, I see the light. I can see myself wearing the iridescent flatform version of these Tevas everywhere. With everything. There might be some outfit posts in the future featuring these. Stay tuned.

Beach Kaftan –
These days I am really feeling kaftans, does that mean that my spirit animal is a high school art teacher? Idk idk. But this one is really fun. Wear it as a chic swim suit cover-up or add a slip and some mules and wear it out to dinner. You do you, girlfrand. I’ll probably do both.

Tropical Yoga Pants –
I am a sucker for a good yoga pant. I know this to be a fact because I have a drawer overflowing with them. I PROMISE I ONLY WEAR THEM TO THE GYM…*wink wink*. I love the tropical print of these and can totally see myself running outside this spring/summer in these bad boys 😉

Toucan Backpack –
It’s two toucans on a backpack. What more could you ask for in this life?

What are you starting to buy for summer? Let me know in the comments!

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