Disney in the Details

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to spend the day at Disney World with some of my friends! We went to Epcot and saw it all. We toured all of the countries and ate/drank plenty. I was really loving the topiaries of all the characters around the park. I also loved the fact that many of the people working in the park were from the countries that they were representing.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day – let me know what you think!

Ball & tree
I call this one sphere + tree + sky
Starbucks disney
Had to be basic and get ourselves some Starbs to start the day
Classic ear shot
There was so much good landscaping around the park – loved this succulent arrangement
Palm trees
palm trees + sky
Mexico banners
Mexico – a boat ride with the Three Amigos [Tres Amigos?]
Africa beads
Africa – Beads from a kiosk
Lion King Africa
Africa – Rafiki + Simba
Germany Horse and dragon
Germany – Horse + Dragon statue
China Wall
China – Wall 
China rooftop
China – Rooftop
Hand Morocco
Morocco – Hamsa Hand
Camel Morocco
Morocco – Camel
Morocco building bird
Morocco – Building + Bird
Tapestry Morocco
Morocco – Tapestry
Japan Lantern
Japan – Lantern
Italy Building
Italy – Intricate Building
Peter Pan
UK – Peter Pan
telephone booth UK
UK – Phone Booth
Beast France
France – Beast 
France Hotel
France – French Window
Minnie Palm Trees


Mickey & ball

Bonus Shot:

Me and Alex in front of the cute houses at the place we stayed. I am sunburned and loving it. 

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