#WCW: Olivia Palermo

If you were a religious watcher MTV “reality” shows in the early 2000s like I was, you probably remember the drama of The Hills and The City. This week I’m honoring one of the villains of The City, she might have left a bad taste in your 18-year old mouth…but I’m sure we can forgive her (her character) for being mean to good ‘ol Whitney in her youth. It’s Olivia Palermo! I’m guessing she got her jobs at Diane Von Furstenburg and Elle through her actual propensity for fashion loooong before she was approached by the show. Either way, this girl gets it. She knows how to style and she is always finding unique ways to wear pieces.

One thing is for sure, homegirl loves her fur, leather, and embellishments. I was surprised to see her personal style after watching her on The City, because it is much more fun and loud than her character’s personality was. Her palette tends to lean towards darker colors and jewel tones. See some of my favorite looks below, including her wedding skirt – yes, I said skirt.

Embed from Getty Images
Add an embellished jacket on top of a monochrome look to add interest.

Embed from Getty Images
Her collection of fur coats must be quite something

Embed from Getty Images
Coat game – 100

Embed from Getty Images
I would have been at a loss on how to style these pants. Love this.

Embed from Getty Images
Rocking that 70s vibe

Embed from Getty Images
Maybe the best sweater dress…ever?

Embed from Getty Images
Another fur jacket to take this outfit to the next level

Embed from Getty Images
Mixing stripes, I need to try this

Embed from Getty Images
Jacket as a top

Embed from Getty Images
High pony, embellished jacket over an evening gown at Cannes. This is my dream.

Olivia Palermo wedding
The wedding skirt


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