Fab Picks of the Week: Beach Edition

I am really surprising myself today because I am sitting here day-dreaming about going to the beach. I know you’re thinking “Well, Michelle…that seems like a pretty standard day-dream to have. Many people have that day-dream. You’re not special, so stop.” HAHAHA…okay, so I know you my beautiful readers aren’t that mean, so excuse my hyperbole.

The truth is, I have never really been a beach person.


When I think about vacation, I think about adventuring to places I have never been and exploring. I am more of an “active” vacation-er if you will. Also, I have a complicated history with sand and sun. Sand annoys me and sun usually burns me (both literally and figuratively), so going to the beach has never been my first choice for vacations. Yet, here I am sitting at my desk, longing for the brutal sun, relentless sand, and all of the accessories that come along with it.

So here is my wish list for beaching (or pooling) this coming summer. Let me know what you’re day-dreaming about this week!

Vanessa Mooney choker –
Chokers are back and it feels so 2004 up in here. A velvet choker might not be the first thing you think of when you think “beach accessorizing” but I say…why the hell not?! A choker might be just what you need to take your tired black bikini to the next level. Trust.

Pom Pom beach bag –
Pom pom pom pom pom pom pom. Lol. I love saying that. I really love the little details that are trending right now. You see those little colorful pom poms hanging off of shoes, socks, bags, key chains, they’re everywhere! The rainbow look isn’t really part of my aesthetic, so I love this neutral take on the pom pom trend. This looks like a bag that you could easily take to the beach or carry your laptop in to work. Versatility rules, people.

Tassel hem shift dress – 
In keeping with the versatility theme, here is a dress that can easily be used as a swimsuit cover up or worn for a night out. I love how easy this shape is, it can be flattering on any body type. And the tassels are another micro-trend that are very big right now. This dress is from Charlotte Russe and I love that it comes in plus sizes too (since I’m in-between, it’s nice to know that there are more options). It is now on sale for $20 and comes in Navy and White!

Esther slides-
These shoes are actually currently perched upon my feet as we speak! I love them, I am thinking about ordering the snake skin ones as well. I mean, these are a no brainer. They go with everything, you can take them to the pool or out for a day of shopping, they are comfortable and slides are definitely on trend. Do yourself a favor and pick up some of these.

Giant Pizza Towel-
Circular beach towels are a thing now? I’ve been seeing them pop up everywhere and I’m not really sure how this trend came to be, but I ain’t mad at it. Of course, I am attracted to this towel, because who wouldn’t want to bake atop of their favorite food (wearing the appropriate amount of sunscreen, of course)? So if you’re like me and your secret fantasy has always been to be a pizza topping, your moment has come. Revel in it.
[*Disclaimer* Mediumish does not promote everything you may or may not find on the pizza towel website. It is not a brand I am familiar with, and some of the items seem a little *ahem* iffy. Peruse this site at your own discretion.]

Stackable Opal Rings-
I used to be vehemently against wearing any silver-toned jewelry. I was team gold and no one was going to convince me otherwise! But, alas, I now feel more open to all types of metals. Even *gasp* mixing metals is intriguing to me at times. I love these rings and I love the stones and I love that I didn’t know you could shop online at TJ Maxx now and my world is just better now [run-on sentence].

Tie-dye Gypsy Top-
I just love this top. It looks super comfortable and like it’d be flattering on anyone. I usually don’t like tie-dye, but I love the black and white dipped look of this one. I will wear this over a swimsuit or with my flare jeans and heels.

White Fringe One Piece- 
I have been obsessing over one pieces lately, and I really like this white one. In fact, I might pull the trigger and buy it this week. It is a departure since I usually exclusively purchase black bathing suits, but I feel the white will boost my “tan” (self tanner) and make me look ultra ~summery~. I love this company Swimsuits for All and their mission to provide stylish suits in larger sizes. They carry sizes 8 and up, and their models are hashtag goals.

What beachy things are in your shopping cart?

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