Picks of the Week: Travel Edition

This week has been so busy, and the weekends aren’t seeming any less busy. I’ve been traveling on the weekends lately (jet-set is your best bet), so I’ve had chic travel style on the brain. There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to travel style:
1) function over form (think I want to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt and call it a day) &
2) form over function (think LAX as a runway).

Both ideas have their merits. For one, when you are wearing yoga pants, your movability is at an all time high. You are in prime position to say, run for a flight that you’re late to, dodge a falling carry-on from the over-head bin, fight to the death for a seat in the emergency exit row (the extra leg room is worth the extra responsibility). Not to mention that the aforementioned clothing item is literally the best for travel sleep and they look good on virtually everyone. It’s tough to turn yourself away from the call of the yoga pant.

BUT, if you dress like the shiz…you literally feel like the shiz. You own the airport, you can get chosen for TSA pre-check, you might be able to score a complimentary alcoholic beverage from the male flight attendant. See…the choice is not easy.

I have long been a proponent of the yoga pants frame of mind, but I do think there is a happy medium you can strike when traveling. I am aiming to get out of my comfy darkness and step into the chic light (but I still be comfy also). I have found some picks that will make you look like a celeb arriving at LAX (or at the greyhound station, or flying down the interstate to your final destination).

Black Slip Dress –
The slip dress silhouette is very flattering, or as my mom would say forgiving, on many different body types. The detail on this dress really make it feel special and unique in a sea of black dresses. I might even recommend ordering this dress in a size up to make sure it is roomy and comfortable for your travels.

BaubleBar for Target Headphones –
I have these, my best friend Cassidy [read her blog here] bought them for me for Christmas this past year. They sit proudly on my desk at work, and literally everyone has commented on them. So, if you want to be the envy of all your co-workers, get yourself a pair of these bad boys.

Cropped Hoodie –
I am not hating on the hoodie, in fact it is one of the pieces that I reach for the most when I’m feeling “loungey”. Often times I feel like the cut on traditional hoodies is not the most flattering. I love a cropped hoodie for layering. I would layer a flow-y tank underneath and let the frilly part peek out. I love mixing things that are varying stages of fancy/girly together. Or you could rock that belly button action like the cropped hoodie god (Rihanna) intended. If you do that – more power to ya sister.

Members Only Grey Moto Jacket –
The easiest way to elevate the “cool factor” in any look is to throw on a motorcycle jacket. With all the various fabrics used these days, it is also feasible to wear one year-round. I love this light-grey-almost-white color for spring and summer. Seriously, even if you throw this on over sweats you will look put together. Call this the “lazy girl’s guide for looking put together”.

Oil Slick Converse –
I love wearing sneakers when traveling, but it is also important to be able to get them on and off quickly (thanks TSA) ((no really thank you for keeping us safe)). These are SOOOOO amazing AND they zip on and off instead of tie. You would look so badass wearing these, trust me.

Straw Small-Brim Hat –
Thank god the UPS man is in the process of delivering this to me as we speak. I don’t think I could go another day without this hat in my wardrobe. I am a fan of hats on both dirty and non dirty hair days. I love a hat for traveling especially because no matter how much you prepare, your hair is not going to feel good when you get off that plane. Is it the altitude? Is it the proximity of the guy in the seat next to you? Is it some awful practical joke that is being played on all women who enter an airplane? I couldn’t tell ya. Just know that a hat will be your best friend when you land.

Suede Panel Leggings –
Yes, I’m linking you to Chicos. No, this is not a joke. I am not really much of a label snob, and truly believe that I could shop in any store you put me in. I really love these leggings because they are on trend with the suede panels, but the back is black and I know my arse appreciates not being covered in stretchy suede fabric. Not sure that would be the most flattering on my behind, but who knows. These would be perfect for traveling and fit the comfy/stylish bill nicely.

Reversible Leather Tote –
I have recently been reaching for totes instead of backpacks for travel, which is a departure for me. I love totes that can fit my laptop plus a few other items I might need to get to quickly on my journey. The rest can go in my suitcase. This one is great because it is big, reversible, comes in many colors, and under $40. What more could you ask for?

What are your favorite travel style staples? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Picks of the Week: Travel Edition

  1. YES YES AND MORE YES! And thanks for the shout out! “no really thank you for keeping us safe”- I died. Love it all! Very chic. I also strongly believe in a good Athleisure look. Basically everything you said. Comfy but still chic and owning the LAX runway. ❤

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  2. I will have to think long and hard about rocking the belly button action with the cropped hoodie, that would for sure call attention on me from airport security. I’m already the one that gets pulled out of line everytime. Do I look suspicious? But I do love that cropped hoodie. Best and safest thing for me is a cute flow y thing underneath. Thank you for the fashion cues for traveling.

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