How to Athleisure

Athleisure is I think one of my favorite style troupes. You get to be comfortable and look like you’re thinking about going to the gym without ever actually setting foot in a gym. You get the comfort without the work, and I’m about that life. (Disclaimer* I do actually workout, this diatribe does not mean in any way that I am against physical fitness or hard work).

Adidas 4

I loved seeing the horrified faces of some of my friends when I started thinking about buying these Tevas flatforms. Not everyone really gets them, and that’s ok. I had an immediate bonding moment with these shoes that I can’t really explain. But then I walked in them and I was able to explain. I liken the experience to walking on that foam you used to jump into when you were a wee tot in gymnastics class. Little foamy rubbery clouds if you will. Not a bad way to get around.

Adidas 1

This top was first marketed to me as a dress…cool idea if I was about 5ft tall. When it came in the mail I knew that wasn’t going to fly. I thought about going my basic route and throwing on some yoga pants with it, but something about the bike shorts just felt right.

Adidas 3

This sloppy half bun always makes me feel about 50% cooler than I am, it’s an easy way to convey that chillin vibe that athleisure lends itself to.

How do you do athleisure? Tell me in the comments!

Adidas 2
Rita Ora for Adidas Originals | Tevas Flatforms Iridescent | Bike Shorts | Forever 21 Sunglasses | FitBit Alta | Danielle Nicole bag | NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick | Aggie Ring

2 thoughts on “How to Athleisure

    1. It’s just like wearing a gym outfit but not really going to the gym. Like how I wear my yoga pants to go to starbucks! Athletic wear + leisure wear 😉 Thanks the tevas are sooooo comfortable


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