Going Green

For the past few years I have been preoccupied with decorating spaces in neutral tones. If you came into my apartment right now you would see a sea of grays and beiges with hints of metallic. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this approach, but lately I’ve been craving some color in my life. So, rather than do an entire redecorating overhaul, I decided to start incorporating one color into the mix with small accents that make a big impact. This tactic saves time AND money and I get a brand new looking space.

The tropical/jungle theme has been popping up everywhere lately. And I loved the idea of incorporating this deep green into my space somehow. The trick is to subtly introduce a theme without making your space look like a rain forrest. Here are a few pieces that I think would bring a pop of life into any neutral heavy space.



Banana Leaf Throw Pillow – 
I purposefully kept all of my large pieces (couch, coffee table, headboard) neutral so that I can change up the accent colors flawlessly at a moment’s notice. I think these adorable tropical themed pillows would work on my grey couch and bring a level of interest to the room that was not there before.

Green Wine Glasses – 
I have a bar area on display next to my kitchen. Right now it is topped with some basic glasses and some metallic themed wine glasses. I think incorporating some colored glassware to that table will draw the eye to that area. Sometimes it is the smallest changes that make the biggest impact.

Emerald Jewel Side Table –
I love this table. I think I have had this table pinned on pinterest for a few years now. It is so unique and would give a space a shot of elegance in one fell swoop. It has this wonderful 70s vibe to it that I love so much. I would top this side table with a thin simple lamp to keep the focus on the table itself.

Cactus Bath Mat – 
My love affair with cacti is something that I thought wouldn’t last this long. I love the prickly little plants and their ability to not die when I forget to water them. Also, growing up with Mexico so close by, the plant has become kind of a symbol to us South Texans. I would definitely use this little rug in my bathroom or kitchen to add a fun element.

Green Velvet Tufted Footstool – 
This footstool is a no brainer, it is cute and functional because of the extra storage space it provides. I would use this in a living room with a mismatched chair or in a small bedroom if you cannot fit a full chair or bench. This is a great reading nook alternative.

Green Mexican Throw –
Sometimes literally throwing a blanket over an accent chair can change the look of a room. I can see this blanket atop of my cowhide accent chair looking FINE AS ALL HELL. That’s right. I just got really excited about the prospect. Stay tuned there may be a separate post about this blanket on that chair.

Banana Leaf Watercolor Prints – 
I love finding unique wall decor on Etsy. Theres something about someone telling you “That is so unique, I’ve never seen anything like it!” that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love these prints that can take that wall that you don’t know what to do with to the next level. They’d also be the perfect addition to your gallery wall.

Green Wingback Bed –
If you’re really feeling bold, take a look at this AMAZING bed. Just don’t faint at the price tag. I know. I feel like this would be a fun DIY project though. This is a true statement piece that you could build a room around. I love the idea of crisp white linens and some fun throw pillows to complete this bed.

What interior decor colors are you crushing on this season? Let me know in the comments!

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