Silver and Clear

I’m baaaaaack! Ok, well for one post at least. Sorry about the short hiatus, but life has just gotten in the way! You know how it does. Anyways, I wanted to recreate an outfit that has been haunting me (in the best possible way) for the last couple of weeks.

Behold, Kim Kardashian going to meet her app subscribers at the movies!

KimK Silver turtleneck

If this outfit solidifies anything to me it is that silver is the new gold and clear is the new black. There is something so unique about this look that really makes it feel special. Whether it be the turtleneck line on the dress or the elegance of the all clear strappy heels, it all just works.

Now I don’t think I (or anyone for that matter) would wear this look to the movies per se, but here are some scenarios where I can see myself in this: 1) One of those dates that only happens in the movies where the guy flies you to Italy just to get pizza, 2) A formal gala event sponsored by NASA, 3) As a guest at Kim K’s [second] wedding.

Here are some options to recreate this look! I would pair the dress with the shoes directly below them. What do you think? In what scenario would you wear this look?

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