Online Venting + Online Shopping

Hello. When I opened my blog this morning and saw that my last post was from a month ago I was a mix of feelings. I was mad at myself for not being more disciplined in taking time for the things that I actually care about. I was frustrated with my job for taking so much of my time. I was sad because lately it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day to do all the things that are bouncing around in my head (blog, work, workout, make healthy food, work on a new business idea, spend time with friends, spend time with boyfriend, go to events, blah blah blah). I was curious if there was a way to get all the things in my head to STOP bouncing.

Anyways, I’m working on this project at work that I’m convinced was sent to me directly by Hades himself.

ugh. so annoying.

It might be taking years off my life at this point, but HEY! I’m living the dream, right???

Now, I’m no complainer (my dad made sure of that), and I know I live a very charmed life when I put it in perspective, but sometimes it all just becomes too much. And what do we do when it all becomes too much? S H O P. That’s right! Sit back, feel your blood pressure slow, sip some herbal tea, and check out my picks for the week.


3×1 Fringe Crop Denim –
I love this long fringe denim trend thats going on right now. Where other trends right now seem like throwbacks to the 70s or 90s, this detail feels modern and original. I know, this particular pair is pretty pricey, but look out for this look to pop up at some of the cheaper brands.

Topshop x Man Repeller Satin Strap Sandals –
This satin shoe reminds me of the shoes I used to covet in middle school. I remember having a pair of satin platforms from Payless that I loved more than anything. I couldn’t wait until Sundays when I could wear my ‘fancy’ shoes to church. These are a great shoe in an unexpected fabric in a brilliant color. Must have.

Silver Tassel Earrings – 
That’s right. I’m still not over tassel earrings. I love this pair.

Floral Maxi Wrap Dress – 
The only type of maxi dress I can bring myself to wear these days are wrap maxis. I love the silhouette it creates. Even with the wrap, I need some height to make the maxi not feel lazy/sloppy. I recommend wearing this with some sort of heel to feel your best. I would wear this to one of the many summer weddings I have coming up.

Animal Incognito Hat –
I recently bought a $7 black baseball cap from Amazon that I am obsessed with. When I wear it on a casual day I feel like a celebrity trying to go out on the streets incognito. Or Rihanna going out to a club. Either works. I like this take on my incognito hat with a fun understated animal print.

Michael Kors Sneakers –
The soles on these make them feel cool and casual while the leather piping makes them look high end. Sneakers are HUUUUGE this summer. Pair these with dresses, jeans, shorts, the options are endless!

Do you need to vent? Do you like to shop? Comment below!

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