The September Issue

It is some people’s favorite time of the year…aaaand some people’s least favorite time of year. It seems like there tends to be two categories when the weather starts cooling down, those who spring into action, hang up wreaths and paint mini pumpkins, and those who want to cling to the warmth of summer as long as possible and resist the change.

I tend to be a lover of fall and have no problem saying goodbye to the heat. I’m not a beach person, I don’t love laying out by the pool. Things I do love? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, not having to wear a bathing suit, and fall/winter fashion. Fall is arguably the best season for fashion, and I just get (possibly overly) excited for it every year. What trends do I want to try? What kind of boots will I invest in this year? Do I get to buy a new winter coat? All so exciting.

So – here is my September Issue. Picture me with a bob, a high neckline, and some dark round sunglasses. I am your Anna Wintour. These are the pieces you will be craving this season. So grab your pumpkin spiced latte and take a look!

Sock Boots

This….THIS is the boot trend of the season. Ladies, put away your riding boots, donate your wedge booties, don’t even THINK about pulling out those work boots (but keep those over-the-knee boots on deck). It is all about the block heeled sock boot this year. There will be so so many options for this style in stores, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pair you love at a reasonable price. Maybe get a statement pair like these iridescent beauties, and get a neutral pair for every outfit. Feeling like a rockstar or off-duty model? You’ll love this studded pair. Still digging the 70s vibe? Try these or these. You can wear these babies with cropped jeans or pants, midi skirts, dresses, let your imagination go crazy…the options are endless!



I was surprised to see velvet make a comeback so soon since I feel like it had a moment not too long ago. This velvet trend I feel is a little different than the last one. Think more smooth and less crushed. More 70s less 90s. More rich looking fabric rather than cheap. Can’t commit to an outfit? Try an accessory like this or this. Need a night out look? Try this orange dreamsicle or this black velvet beauty. Can’t get enough boots? Combine two trends in one with these silver foxes. So go on all my George Costanza fans, drape yourselves in velvet this fall! No one’s going to stop you.


Fall Florals


Guess what? Summer’s over but florals aren’t going anywhere! The fall floral trend is going to be big this year. Pro tip: keep all your little sundresses around and layer a turtleneck underneath for a chic and on-trend fall look! No extra cash needed. Boom! If you do want to splurge on some fresh fall blooms, try something dark and flowy with a sleeve like this number or this one. Look for interesting longer hemlines like this or this. OR go crazy and wear these puppies to work. You’ll get a bajillion compliments guaranteed.


Asymmetrical Neckline


Who needs two sleeves when you could have one? I’m not talking about the one shouldered look of 2009, this trend is a little more sophisticated than that. Think architectural. Think geometric. These interesting angles were all over the runway for this fall. Feeling brave? Try this bodysuit with some high waisted pants. Need a cocktail dress? Try this modern masterpiece. Go with this or this instead of your run-of-the-mill t-shirt. Try this with a tight midi skirt for a fresh look.


Plaid Outerwear


Check – check – check it out! The plaid coat is making a comeback this year and I am so disappointed in myself for selling one I had back in college. Pretty much every design house had some version of this coat, so plaid lovers rejoice! Any color combo will do, look for long lean and sophisticated cuts. This, this, this, this, or even maybe this! You’ll be turning heads all winter long.

What trends are you excited to try this fall? Let me know in the comments!

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