The Fashion Conscious Halloween Costume

Hello all my ghouls and goblins! October is one of my favorite months because it officially kicks off the holiday season, aka THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR – I WILL FIGHT YOU IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME IT IS THE BEST. Whew – ok sorry about that, I get a little passionate.

Halloween is great because I feel like it is an opportunity to really let your creativity shine! Creating costumes is one of the things I love most about Halloween – notice I said creating. Growing up, my mother was very passionate that we should not simply purchase a halloween costume bag at the local Party City and call it a day. For one, those cheaply made costumes are over priced, and second that is NO FUN. I always enjoyed choosing what I wanted to be and finding the pieces to make it my own. The thrill of the hunt! The great feeling you get when you get complimented on a truly unique costume! Those are some great feelings.

Now, getting older, I realize that the time/money it takes to undergo a major costume hunt every year is not the most practical. But I think there is a way to marry my love of costume creation while at the same time making my closet a little bit chic-er in the long run. If you choose a fashion-conscious costume, you can end up with items of clothing that you will be able to wear on their own all year long.

Here are a few of my picks for fashion-conscious costume creations.

cruelladevil_dnoctAs horrible as Cruella de Vil is in 101 Dalmatians, I have to argue that she might be the most fashionable of all the Disney villains. Now, now calm down, in no way am I advocating for a puppy fur coat (back off PETA!). A non-fur spotted coat is an easy add to any wardrobe, and you probably already have an LBD to wear under it for this costume! Pair it with some versatile red pumps (or these), cheapo red gloves, and some costume hair spray and you’ll be feeling devil-ish all night long!



Now, Dorothy might not seem like a particularly “unique” costume, but hear me out. If you update Dorothy’s look, you can be a modern Dorothy and make everyone jealous of how stylish you are. Invest in a great blue gingham dress (or this) that you can wear to work as well. Dress it down with some crimson sneakers or dress her up with some great heels. Don’t forget the bobby socks! A great vintage basket purse can be saved for next summer. Then, YouTube a great braid tutorial and voila! Millenial Dorothy is born.



If you don’t know who Sloane Peterson is, jump on your Netflix account and watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off RIGHT NOW. I don’t care if you’re at work, your boss won’t mind. Sloane was the most stylish in this group of hooky-playing renegades (sorry to Ferris’ Cosby-esque vest). Her suede white fringe jacket has influenced me for YEARS. I love her look. If you don’t happen to have a vintage 80s white fringe jacket laying around, consider purchasing an updated jacket (or this) that you can wear to work also. Pair with some oversized bermuda shorts, braided belt, and a blue cropped tee. Don’t forget the cream boots! They don’t have to be cowboy boots, but I liked these. Relive your teenaged angst, trust me, people will love this costume.



When Beyonce’s Lemonade dropped this year, people lost their damn minds. Not only over the content of the music, but the beautiful cinematography, choreography, and fashion featured in the visual album. Now, we might not all be able to pull off a marigold Roberto Cavalli gown in the streets as flawlessly as Bey can, but on Halloween anything is possible! Go get your self a dramatic yellow gown like this, this or this. Pair with some chunky black heels like these or these, grab a wooden baseball bat and you are ready to SLAYYYYYY.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Would you rock any of these looks? Let me know in the comments!

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