Comfy Cozy Clothing

As the weather gets cooler and cooler, I start to spend way too much time thinking about being comfy and cozy. I’m talking fur slippers, draped in fleece, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot beverage cozy. This is a problem when you spend most of your time outside of your house, and unfortunately my work cubicle doesn’t give me those warm fuzzies that I desire so much.

That is why I believe it is necessary to have some great basic pieces that are both comfortable and stylish without trying too hard. Here are some of my picks for staying comfy and cozy during the colder months!

Update your summer staple sneakers with a dark version! Get Adidas Gazelle’s here.
Throw on this burgundy biker jacket to make even the comfiest clothes look polished. 
Throw this cognac bag over your shoulder to carry anything you could possibly ever need out in the elements. 
A good pair of stretchy jeans can be just as comfortable as sweat pants.
Throw on this cute plaid baggy coat when you absolutely must go outside. Also, plaid coats are so in. Check out my September Issue if you don’t believe me.
This ruffly sweatshirt combines comfort with one of the biggest trends for fall.
Add a hint of whimsy and keep your ears warm with this cute beanie.
Pair these southwestern style stunners with jeans or dresses or leggings to keep your toes on point. 
A sweater dress can be dressed up or down to keep you warm and cozy in any scenario!
Over the knee comfy cozy socks. Crying emoji face!
This fringe sweater can keep you warm weather you’re Netflix-ing or out adulting.
You can wear your fur slippers out in the real world with these athleisure fur Puma slides!
Sleep and lounge in style with fun pajama sets like this Shark Set.
A sleeveless turtleneck knit will keep you warm and you don’t have to worry about sleeves getting bunched up in your jacket!
A pair of great yoga pants are crucial – whether you’re actually going to yoga or not.
Fur lined sneakers actually sound like the only thing I want to wear on my feet all winter.


What is your favorite item that keeps you cozy? Let me know in the comments!


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